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The Ooshie Brand

Discover the allure of Ooshie Resortwear, a Brooklyn-born brand crafted with a touch of femininity, flirtiness, versatility, and sustainability. Founded by the visionary Melissia Hill in the heart of New York City, Ooshie is a chic ode to women. Unveiling a range of classic silhouettes, and vibrant hand crafted prints. Our collections serves as a love letter to women from all walks of life, igniting inspiration and capturing the essence of the femininity. Whether you're jet-setting on vacation or savoring moments close to home, Ooshie's creations effortlessly fuse sophistication with easygoing style, featuring distinctive prints that guarantee to exude 100% fabulousness when you step out to conquer your dreams. 

Our Commitment to the Planet

We design our garments with the highest quality of natural and organic fibers that are 95% biodegradable, while aiming to minimize waste and energy whenever possible.

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