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Feminine, flirty, versatile and sustainable are just a few words to describe Ooshie, founded in Brooklyn, New York City by Melissia Hill. I wanted to create an elegant, resort line for women of all walks of life to enjoy. Whether on vacation or close to home our designs give you comfort and effortless style.


Founded in 2014 Melissia’s Mission is to create lasting reminder to women of their magic, greatness and to always celebrate their femininity and natural beauty in such a way that it inspires the next women to do the same and for any man to feel honored to be in their presents. Melissia designs are a perfect balance of femininity and class.


Passionate about life, Our founder Melissia is focused and dedicated to her vision for Ooshie, which is to invite women to celebrate their femininity, sexuality, and magic.

“until further notice, celebrate everything!”