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Life is a Celebration! Let's help keep the party going!

The fashion industry has been at the center of polluting our planet via mass production of "fast fashion". Ooshie is dedicated to doing our part to help decrease clothing waste in an effort to restore and maintain the beauty of our planet. We feel good about contributing to efforts to limit waste and you can feel good about shopping at Ooshie. We are passionate about finding ways to reduce harm to the environment that over production of fashion has created. We produce our garments with one of the most sustainable manufacturing systems available with color match technology that allows for made to order production.


All of our prints are hand drawn and digitally printed on 95% biodegradable white fabric, which uses 30% less ink, less water and wastes less materials than traditional processes. Our garments are laser cut, which reduces fabric waste per garment by 8%. Every order is shipped directly from our factory to your doorstep, which reduces our carbon footprint compared to traditional manufacturing, which require garments to be shipped before they arrive to you.

Sustainability is not a final destination, it is a process and we are just at the beginning.

All garment are made to order just for you and are conservatively wrapped and packaged to reduce waste. There are no unused rolls of pre-printed or pre-dyed fabrics. Nor do we have unused fabrics or unsold merchandise. We are committed to responsible fashion and you can count on us to do our part!